• Project working lists are as much as possible Activity-specific, to avoid unwanted bulks of messages in your mailbox, and make sure that everybody get all and only the information they need. New lists may be created for specific working groups, cross-activity co-ordination, or external contact. If you think your group need one, just ask the Projec Office.
  • Apart from the info list, all lists are by default closed and moderated (i.e. only project members can post freely, other posts are held for approval to avoid spam) trough the Mailman web interface
  • List owners are the leaders of the activity (or subgroup if needed) - if you need to subsribe, you should contact your Activity Leader or th Project Office
  • List owners are responsible for the list to be up to date.
  • Web archives and membership information are available for all lists (links below), only subscribers can access them

  • Please DO use lists and do NOT write to single persons: you will ensure that all relevant persons have all relevant information!

Open and moderated list to be used for external contacts, general information etc. Includes Project Office members and key dissemination persons.


Includes all workers from all partner organizations - only major communications are posted here.

Project boards & other bodies Lists


Includes all Project Management Board members and the Project Office. All Management-related issues involving the whole consortium are posted here.

List info: http://lists.garr.it/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pmb-eudecide

List archives: http://lists.garr.it/pipermail/pmb-eudecide/


Includes all Technical and Scientific Executive board members and the Project Office. All general technical and scientific issues are posted here.


It is the Project Office list, intended to pose questions not involving the whole consortium (e.g. about their organization’s budget, cost claims, manpower, subcontracts etc).

Activity lists


Other lists


Includes all technical staff involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of the website and online tools, and key dissemination people.


This list includes relevat administrative contacts for the DECIDE project proposal. It is intended to facilitate the information gathering for submitting periodical reports and cost claims, as well as for periodical budget assessments etc.


This list includes all people involved in the Editorial Board of the DECIDE proposal. It was intended to facilitate the communication among the board, in order to produce the technical annex to the proposa. Probably not needed anymore, but archives can be consulted as they contain all proposal and negotiation materials.

-- FedericaTanlongo - 2009-11-03

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